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This is going to be different kind of blog post, not something I make of habit of asking for help, so when I am, you know I truly do, letting my pride go out the window and let the sensibleness step in. If you been…

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A Lonely View

When you wander around somewhere such as London and you are surrounded almost all the time by crowds of people, then you get a little gem, someone pondering all alone, or believe-it-or-not you are entirely alone in a usually heavily-populated area, here though is someone […]

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Tower Bridge Sunset

Who doesn’t love a good sunset? you get one every day but they still manage to -at times- look fantastic, especially when you don’t specifically go chasing one, yet a gorgeous one suddenly pops up and reminds you in perfect conditions they can still amaze […]


City Hall

London has some lovely architecture, contemporary and classic alike. here’s London’s City Hall, it looks very striking normally but from certain angles you can really see the design and work that went into it, additionally with Tower Bridge as its backdrop they both compliment each […]

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A Little Late For A Connection (WPC)

After only just seeing last week’s challenge here’s a panoramic I captured of Blackfriars station, it’s by far my favourite station in London, sadly halfway through my images it began to ran very heavily but the image still holds up in my opinion, also how much more […]


Monochromatic Gull (WPC)

From my recent trip to the lovely Brighton, here’s my monochromatic gull in flight. They may not be the most loved bird in the world but can still be majestic when they want to be. Apologies for not being strictly monochromatic – playing a little […]

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Apologies that I’ve been away for a while but I’ve had the 21st Century problem of my pc refusing to work, after some duct tape patchwork and harsh language my pc may well just hold together long enough to edit some more photographs. Rex ever the […]

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Brighton West Pier

Here’s a few images I captured during my trip to Brighton the other day, Brighton has a West Pier sadly in enormous disrepair from the mid ’70s and has been slowly but surely falling into the ocean over the last 15 years, oddly though it […]